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I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of service we received and the outcome of the hearing. Because of our solicitor, I am now able to return to work as normal and move forward with my life. A massive thank you to Ronan, great job!

It can be a worrying time after you have been caught drink-driving. Here are some answers to initial questions you may have....

  • What is the drink drive limit?

    First of all, it is important to note how difficult it is for anyone to know when they might be under the prescribed legal limit if they have been drinking. Our advice is not to take a chance and avoid drinking completely if you are required to drive. If in doubt about how much you have consumed, arrange alternative means of transport.

    The current legal is

    1. 1. 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath;
    2. 2. 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood;
    3. 3. 107mg of alcohol in 100ml of urine.
  • I keep hearing about “loopholes” and “technicalities”. What are these? Can this result in me being found not guilty?

    The law demands the police follow procedure when obtaining a breath/blood/urine sample. If those procedures are not followed then the case against you may fail depending on the nature/seriousness of the breach. These are non exhaustive so please call us if you feel that things weren’t dealt with correctly.

    Examples of a breach in procedure we have dealt with over the years

    • Not giving the correct specimen requirement before a breath/blood/urine sample
    • Requirement to give sample not given a police officer.
    • No evidence that you actually drove the vehicle
    • Unreliable lab testing procedures or issues with the breath test machine
    • Errors in the handling/continuity of a blood or urine sample when sent to a lab for analysis
    • Not following the procedure in the police station. The procedure is set out in a document called the MG DD/A/B documentation
  • What is the penalty for being convicted of drink driving?

    Drink driving convictions has disastrous consequences. This includes

    1. 1. A mandatory driving disqualification of anywhere between 1 – 3 years (The minimum disqualification increases to 3 years if you have a previous relevant conviction within the last 10 years)
    2. 2. Consideration of a fine, community order or possible prison sentence
    3. 3. Criminal record
    4. 4. Impact on your career and professional development
    5. 5. Increase in car insurance
    6. 6. You could be denied entry to other countries such as the USA, Canada etc
    7. 7. The stigma of a conviction
  • Is there any way I can avoid a ban if I plead guilty?

    Although this is rare, if you have ‘Special Reasons ’ the Court might decide to lessen or not punish you at all. Please note you are still legally guilty and this will still be a criminal conviction. The courts are reluctant to accept such arguments and it is crucial you are well prepared for this. Examples include

    • Spiked drinks
    • Consuming a higher percentage alcoholic drink than you realised
    • Driving in an emergency
    • Short distance driven.
  • How much do you charge?

    We charge a fixed fee in each case. When you speak to us, we will be able to confirm you how much your case is likely to cost. Costs can vary depending upon the number of hearings etc however we will always endeavour to be open and honest with you.

It is impossible to explore these issues fully here. Please get in touch for free initial advice and we will be happy to discuss your case and share our expertise with you.

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“Those accused of a motoring offence may have little experience with the Police and Courts. The criminal process can be daunting and stressful. It is my aim to guide you through this difficult time and offer you practical advice designed to ensure the best outcome for you." Ronan Molloy, Head of Motoring Law

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Some Issues to consider

  • - Did you drink alcohol after you drove? You may have a potential ‘hip flask’ defence.
  • - Do the prosecution have the required evidence to show you in fact drove the vehicle?
  • - Did you only drive because you were genuinely in fear for your safety?
  • - Does the alcohol reading alleged correlate with what alcohol you actually drank?

With some minor exceptions, a conviction for drink driving will result in a minimum 12 month disqualification. The length of the ban will increase in cases where the alcohol reading is high. In addition to this, you will also face a fine, community order or a prison sentence. Please get in touch to discuss your case.

I cannot express how happy we are with the results of the excellent service we received. I am able to keep my job and go back to work as normal. Thanks to our solicitor Ronan, I can move forward with my life. A massive thank you to Forster Dean, great job!

I cannot emphasise how happy we have been with the quality of service and great result of the hearing. Thanks to our solicitor, I was able to keep my job and return to work. I can now put this behind me and move forward – Thank you

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